Stripper With Big Round Ass is Taken from the Club and Gangbanged by Customers

Kelly Divine is famous for her big beautiful round ass. In this fantasy role-play update she is a stripper at a local strip club that gets taken after completing her shift at work. Tantalized by her bodacious ass her customer couldn’t keep their hands off. They grab her in a back alley, and fuck her senseless in a warehouse. She is pushed into complete submission and takes a cock in every hole. DP, extreme hardcore gangbang, throat fucking, female submission, and Kelly Divine’s AMAZING ASS!!! Don’t miss it!!

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Taking Down Bobbi Starr

We play a game with Bobbi Starr. It is simple. If she can get away she gets an extra 100 bucks. For each article of clothing she can keep on she gets 25 bucks. Bobbi loses all the money immediately as five big men surround her and hold her down in human bondage. She struggles to get away as her ass and pussy are brutally pounded. This update focuses on human bondage and the struggle to get away. Watch as Bobbi is totally overpowered and controlled. Incapable of escaping or keeping cocks out of her holes. Bobbi deep throats huge black dicks while tied up, then gets DP’ed in bondage and without.

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Russian Mail Order Bride Locked in Basement & Used as Sex Slave for her Husband and all his Friends

In this fantasy role play update Sasha Swift plays a Russian mail order bride that dreams of coming to America for a better life with a rich husband. Unfortunately for her, her new husband locks her in the basement by a chain around her throat and turns her into a sex slave for him and his friends.

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“The Best Nightmare on Earth” Featuring Chastity Lynn in her First Released Gangbang

Porn starlet Chastity Lynn explores her fantasy of being tied up, taken down, and fucked hard by a group of ruthless hillbillies! This is her first released gangbang and you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! Bobby and Cheryl take a day trip up into LA’s Tujunga canyon, where on an isolated dirt road a blow job turns into a public disgrace when two local rednecks catch our young lovers in the act! Their troubles continue when they try to leave and discover their car is out of gas. Cheryl stays in the car while Bobby must walk back to the highway to get gas.Cheryl can’t do anything but sit and wait, thinking about those crude hillbillies in the truck. They got a real kick out of watching her suck her boyfriend’s cock. They could come back at anytime and in this remote, isolated canyon, anything can happen. Who knows what they would want? Who knows what they would demand from her? She would be helpless to resist.

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Stolen Goods – Featuring Eva Karera! The Sexiest MILF Alive!!!

Stolen Goods – Featuring Eva Karera! The Sexiest MILF Alive!!!

In this fantasy role play feature, Eva is in a rush to get to work and absentmindedly forgets her phone at home. When she realizes and turns back to grab it she finds her house has been invaded by burglars. When she screams for help they take her down, shut her up, and have their fun with her. Every part of her body is used, and while she struggles to get away in the beginning, by the end she is begging for more!!! AMAZING INTERRACIAL GANGBANG!!!! Double penetration, blowbanging, tit bondage, creampie, foot jobs, struggle, takedown, and more!!!

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America’s Sweetheart: Blackmailed and Defiled!!! Starring Asa Akira

Asa Akira plays America’s sweetheart, a famous actress with a good girl image that she will protect at all costs. Blackmailed with a sex tape, Asa is made to meet her blackmailer at a remote location, where she is bound in metal restraints. She is fucked while sleeping, then awakes to find herself surrounded by 5 cocks ready to fill her pussy with cum. This Asian hottie gets double penetrated, stuffed airtight, ass fucked in bondage, creampied, covered in cum, then left tied up and smiling in an abandoned building. America’s sweetheart ain’t so sweet anymore!!

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Cock Trained Shy Mei

Petite, shy, pain slut mei is cock trained by PD, who deals out severe whippings and canings, pleasing mei to no end. Having bound her wrists to her neck and one ankle to her thigh, PD teaches mei to lap dance. Soon, he is gripping her throat and slapping her face. He tapes her eyes, grinding, kissing, and slapping. Hauled her up in the air by one ankle, PD whips mei with tremendous impact. Now his cock comes out, huge in comparison to her little mouth. Tight bondage painfully arches her back. PD bangs his “dirty mouth-sucking bitch”, in her mouth so hard and fast, she is stunned. Caning adds to the welts adorning her body. And at the end, even though the pain slut got her fix, mei sheepishly suggests that “somebody” needs to come.

Natalie Minx Fetching Slut

Natalie minx is a fetching little slut who is completely helpless against the likes of PD. He has got her bent over in no time and her tight little ass gets some wonderful time with the cane. Being PDs play thing is so hot for her that she just can’t get enough. When she is on her own she ties herself up just so she can get herself off. Since natalie is so hungry for more PD gives it to her. Mr. Pogo fills her cunt so it does not get lonely while PD canes her feet and her magnificent tits. PD is not such a bad guy that he would deny a girl her pleasure, though. If the bitch likes to cum so much, he is happy to help. In fact, PD gets so many orgasms from her cunt cannot take anymore.

Mina Meow Bound Fresh

mina loves a scene that is handled right and Sister Dee is an expert. Once she has her strung up by the arms, Dee takes the time to give her a wide range of sensations. Her foot is tormented with fingers and teeth and even a cane. her pussy is where she is really sensitive, though, and Dee is going to take advantage. Dee gets her new bitch toy hung upside down. There is a cock on the floor than needs some sucking and Dee has a whip that will make sure mina is up to the task. Once she is given some good head Dee is happy to give her a reward. The small vibe is perfect for getting at her clit, even when she is not spread wide open for access. Her cunt is so nice that Dee just cannot stop playing with it. If it is not a hot finger fucking or a pounding from Mr. Pogo, it is another round with the vibrators until there are tears in her eyes. she can cum a river over and over but its never enough to satisfy Dee.

Disobedient Sister Dee

dee has not been obeying Master A. As soon as she thought he was not looking she got all tramped up to go play the town slut. Master A berates her thoroughly, but the tongue lashing is the least of her worries. His rope harness will keep her in place while he teaches her a lesson. Her endurance is the thing Master A is going to test. For such a tiny vibrator it has her begging to cum surprisingly fast. she has gone through two orgasms before he has even gotten started. her pussy is not done yet, though. Instead she is left to endure more vibrations until Master A decides to come back. When he does it is not pretty for dee. Her tits get vicious clamps and her legs get a severe flogging. She is not even allowed to cum until those clamps have been pulled from her sensitive tits. Once she does have permission though, Master A gets her off until she is almost begging him to stop. dee gets balanced on a spiked board with the sharp points digging into her tits. Every time her head moves forward it pulls the ass hook deeper inside of her. Just sitting in that position would be hard enough but Master A is not through punishing her pussy. If she wants it filled so bad he is happy to ram Mr. Pogo into her holes until she knows better than to try to score more cock on the streets.

Small Sexy Bound Nataly

nataly is a fresh new face and it is the job of Sister Dee to show her around. she is ready to be a good little slut, too. Dee puts her flexible little bitch into a stunning strappado and tests out her tits and clit. By the time nataly is roped to the bed she is ready to perform any act Sister Dee demands. her mouth is there to pleasure PD while Mr. Pogo and the vibrator work her pussy over. Before Dee has even had her fill nataly is begging her to stop. “Please, no more. I cannot do it anymore, please, stop.” her pleading only makes Sister Dee push harder.

Nataly Rosa Petite Bound

Nataly is prepared and ready to suck a cock, and Sister Dee knows just the man for the job. When PD shows up on the scene he expects good head and he’s going to get it. Talented little nataly can even put the rubber he is going to fuck her with on using her mouth. her pussy is there to take a pounding and PD is ready to provide. When PD is done with this slut, Sister Dee wants to have a little more fun. Mr. Pogo is the dick of choice for Dee and he is more than enough to make this cunt scream. As soon as the vibrator touches her clit nataly is ready to cum. Unfortunately for her, Dee loves to hear her scream. Dee has the slut howling for mercy before long as she makes nataly to cum over and over.

Slave Kristine True Submission

kristine is a true bondage slut and a rare find. Even before her work has begun, she is already asking for PD to have his way with her. Once PD has her tied, kristine is begging for a chance to suck his cock. she learns quickly that PD demands the best. It takes this bitch a minute to get it right, but once she gets going she earns the privilege of getting her cunt fucked. she is such a bondage slut that her orgasm starts as soon as PD begins to choke her. Since choking gets her pussy flowing, PD ties bends kristine over the bed and ties her neck to the headboard. her cunt is his for the taking this way, and he makes sure she knows it when he savagely pounds it from behind. she cums even harder this time, from both the vibrator on her clit and the cane strokes on her ass. the final position has kristine bound with her legs in the air so both of her holes are fully exposed. her ass hole is empty to start, but PD corrects that with an inflatable cock that fills her up nicely. her pussy is where the real torment happens, though. At first it is just more vibrations and she moans like a slut. The intense finger fucking has her grunting in ecstasy/agony , but the flogger just makes her scream out loud. PD milks the orgasms out of her until she is completely exhausted. Later on she is still shackled to the bed, still being used to satisfy PDs horny whims.

Tied Tight Sexy Dakoda

Beautiful Dakoda smiles as PD ties her neck, standing her up on her feet. He orders her to get herself red and flushed, then fucks her with a vibrating dildo and canes her foot while she slides her hand up and down his cock. Hanging upside down, she sucks cock as he vibrates and sucks her. PD bends her over, tying her with her head down and ass up, fucking her cunt hole. Then on a mattress, he binds her into a ball, rolling her around, using his cock in first one hole then the other, vibrating her clit. Afterward, she is choked with cock, ending up with a face full.

Dirty Red Head Calico

PD puts beautiful, sensual calico through a set of highly sexual bondage scenes. A canvas bag smothers her upper body. After roping her neck upward, PD starts whipping calico, slowly stripping her until she is naked. Then he sits her on a bench with her big toes lashed outward, caning her feet, training her not to make a sound, and vibrating her to orgasm. Laid out along a beam, she is in a painfully tight hogtie, her tits tied downward, her hair bound to her wrists, and her tongue piercing tied to the post in front of her. PD vibrates and finger fucks her, choking her with Mr. pogo deep in her throat.

French Hottie gets pounded by 5 prison guards

A hottie French tourist loses her passport and winds up in American prison – and the guards don’t want to let her off easy. This slut ends up with a face full of cocks! This ultimate gang-bang scenario has non-stop pounding action as Angel takes all 5 guys at once. Her hot holes are stuffed, and her ass gets fucked with 2 cocks at once because these guys don’t want to take turns. Watch this bitch get DP’d until both holes are stretched and spent; then she is cast aside like the whore that she is.

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Next Door Bound Mackenzee

Bronte preps mackenzee for her PD experience, tying her to a chair and playing with her girl on girl to get her pussy wet. PD shows up and tickles mackenzee until she agrees to suck cock. And as she’s sucking, he vibrates her to orgasm. PD hoists her in the air by the ankles, puts her in a hogtie, and then suspends her in a sitting position, splayed wide. He fucks. She sucks. As drool runs to mackenzee’s chin, PD vibrates her big clit again, his cock hard from its extended wash and wax.

Kristine Loves Serving Cock

Some women are slaves, best used for service. Others are bitches, their suffering IS their value. Kristine is the 3rd kind, a slut with holes that beg to be filled. The look in her eye when she sucks cock cries for approval. When PD bends her over and pounds her cunt she just begs for more. Getting rammed with cock is its own reward. It is the most beautiful of submissions.

18 Year Old in her First Gangbang EVER!!!

You want fresh meat? You got it. Lily Lamour is 18 and has never done a gangbang before. EVER!!! Today we take her down style. Human bondage, rough sex, double penetration, struggling, facials, the works! Don’t miss this Russian 18 year old do her first gangbang!

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Tia Ling Cumming Floods

Master A is going to break Tia down. She needs to learn her place as just another whore because he has clients that are lining up to take advantage of her. She may be willful when he starts but by the time he is through she will be ready to suck and fuck an army at his command. She has no choice. A few good, hard orgasms may convince her to enjoy her new life as his fuck doll.